I have known Mike Carlin for over a decade in my capacity as President of the Virginia Chamber of Commerce. He has been influential in the activities of this organization as a member, committee chair, and member of the Board of Directors. During that time, he has always demonstrated clear-headed thinking, a wide range of relevant contacts, organizational leadership and thorough knowledge of the critical issues facing Virginia business. I have no doubt that those qualities will carry over and be extremely valuable to the client base of Access Point Public Affairs  

Hugh Keogh
Former President • Virginia Chamber of Commerce

Having Access Point as part of our team, we are in the know as quickly as a phone call or e-mail.  With the speed of political change these days, you must have up-to-date, well researched information, and Mike and Mindy specialize in providing just that.  By the way, they are fun to work with as well.

Charles R. Cope
Vice President • Macerich East Development, LLC • Tysons Corner Center

I have known Mike and Mindy for years and they are as plugged into the legislative and political scene as anyone. They have represented the Virginia Business Council for several years and I could not be more pleased with the results. They both provide excellent insight to assist us in our planning and strategies. They deliver on time and they are always on the money! I greatly appreciate their expertise and our open relationship. I highly recommend their services.

Mike Anzilotti
Past Chairman • Virginia Business Council • Past President • Virginia Commerce Bancorp., Inc.

Mike has been an instrumental member of our Board of Directors, using his extensive community business relationships to tap human and financial resources for Northern Virginia Family Service.  He is strategic in bringing together business leaders to provide the leadership and skills to help promote and advance NVFS.  He has successfully recruited event chairs and new members for our Board.  He has truly made a difference in linking business and NVFS.

Mary B. Agee
President and CEO • Northern Virginia Family Service

Access Point Public Affairs was an enormous help to us in establishing the Curiosity Zone brand. Mindy is a great listener and really took the time to understand our company and our needs. She was then able to deliver what we needed when we needed it. She also seems to know everyone, everywhere! Mindy is a great, results-oriented PR professional — ideal for any growing business.

Mary Porter Green
Founder & President • Curiosity Zone LLC

I have known Mike and Mindy Carlin for many years.  They have a proven track record of success and bring more than 30 years of combined public affairs and communications experience. Their professionalism and expertise, along with their vision, make them leaders in their field.

The Honorable Sean T. Connaughton
Virginia Secretary of Transportation • Former Chairman, Prince William Board of County Supervisors

The professionals at Access Point have a proven track record of achieving successful public relations outcomes for clients. They can help you implement a targeted community involvement plan, improve your visibility in the media, and help you reach new customers and strategic partners.

Mark Stavish
Evergreen Partners, LLC

When I began my Government Relations assignment in 2003, I had the opportunity to meet the Access Point "team" -- Mindy and Mike.  After spending a short amount of time in Richmond, I quickly became an eyewitness to the respect and connectivity garnered by Mindy and Mike.  It did not take long for me to realize that Access Point Public Affairs is highly revered by legislators, lobbyists and the general business community.  As of yet, I have not needed to engage the resources of an outside public affairs team, but I can say with great confidence that Access Point is the team I would consider retaining to manage a government affairs issue for my organization in Virginia.

Timmy T. Nelson
East Region Public Affairs Manager, UPS

I have known Mike and Mindy for many years. They are knowledgeable, accessible and effective at seeking solutions to the challenges in our community. Their perspectives on issues has been very helpful to me.  

The Honorable Pat Herrity
Springfield District Supervisor • Fairfax County Board of Supervisors

Access Point certainly has proven its worth to the Virginia Business Council.  Mike and Mindy have allowed us to avoid the expense of an executive director or full-time staff, and are instrumental in assisting us, year-to-year, in planning and strategy development around those issues most critical to the Council.  They are competent, capable professionals, and provide insights and access that is significant.  For us, they have continued to produce results, without complications, and with great value!

Charles, H. Foster, Jr.
Past Chairman • Virginia Business Council

Mike and Mindy Carlin of Access Point are great to work with on County Issues.  They are always knowledgeable and to-the-point.  I have especially appreciated their advocacy regarding internet crimes against children and am glad that we have been able to fund the P'CASO program in our budget.

The Honorable Sharon S. Bulova
Chairman • Fairfax County Board of Supervisors

From a strategic and organizational level, Access Point Public Affairs is customer-focused and effective in delivering positive results.

David Goldberg
Former Inova Health System official

Mike and Mindy Carlin are two of the most effective and well respected lobbyists on Capitol Square.

The Honorable John O’Bannon
Virginia House of Delegates

Mindy and Mike Carlin are consummate professionals.  Not only do they provide a thorough and clear presentation of the facts, Mindy and Mike always offer penetrating insights into every issue.  I highly value their opinions.

The Honorable Tim Hugo
Virginia House of Delegates • Chairman of the House Republican Caucus

It is a true pleasure to work with Mike and Mindy.  Their commitment to client service is authentic, and their knowledge, experience and judgment in support of that commitment are apparent. I have been especially impressed with their professionalism and knowledge in the arena of public affairs.

Diane C. Beatty
President and Founder • ChildSafeNet, Inc

The team at Access Point is top rate. You won't find anyone who knows more about the political process and key decision makers in Richmond than Mindy and Mike. Not to mention the unique value they add because of their extensive involvement in the northern Virginia community.  The best part is they are good people who really care about the work they do and the people they do it for.  

Michelle Frank
Former Director, Government Affairs • Orbital Sciences Corporation

Mike and Mindy rule!

The Honorable Dave Albo
Virginia House of Delegates

Mindy provides a unique combination of leadership skills, energy, enthusiasm and political experience in support of her clients and community organizations she supports. She gives back to the community utilizing her skills and experience as demonstrated by her consistent support in leading the public policy committee for the Loudoun County Chamber. Loudoun County is fortunate to have great corporate citizens like Mindy and Mike supporting our community.

Louis Matrone
President and COO • Information Management Consultants, Inc.

Access Point is the first call I make when Colonial needs representation on issues in the Virginia legislature or with local governments in northern Virginia. Mindy and Mike Carlin make an excellent team of professionals.  They know the political landscape and are experts when it comes to successful strategies for dealing with our issues.  

Sam Whitehead
Government Affairs Manager • Colonial Pipeline Company

Mike and Mindy Carlin have worked with me as consultants providing critical support regarding public affairs, political advocacy and marketing for the last several years.  As the head of a quickly expanding company serving thousands of clients annually across the Commonwealth, it is a comfort to know that their assistance will be effective, timely and positively affect my bottom line.  Their reasonable and highly professional approach to problem solving have enabled them to garner the respect of the business community at large and both sides of the political establishment.  Having them on our side gives us instant credibility, as well as the comfort of knowing they will help us be a better company.  They are honest, considerate and fun to work with.  I am happy to recommend them.

Thomas W. Minnick
President and Chairman • National Counseling Group, Inc.

Mike and Mindy Carlin have established a well earned reputation for integrity and responsiveness.  Having both been active in the community for so long they understand the way business should interact with and become a part of the community.  I think they do a tremendous job bringing the two together.

The Honorable Michael R. Frey
Sully District Supervisor • Fairfax County Board of Supervisors

Access Point is far and away the premiere boutique government affairs firm in Northern Virginia. Their breadth of experience and knowledge of state, local and regional policymaking is unrivaled and their professionals are truly entrenched in Northern Virginia political and business circles.

Brian Gordon
Vice President of Government Affairs, Virginia, Apartment and Office Building Association

When the Dulles Regional Chamber engaged a lobbyist for the first time, we chose Access Point.  They were a great fit for us, having years of experience in dealing with issues at the General Assembly and local level.  They also had a long relationship working with chambers and understand the issues that are important to business. Their insights into the legislative world are excellent and their reporting was equally fine.  They made our experience a totally positive one.

Eileen Curtis
President and CEO • Dulles Regional Chamber of Commerce

I have enjoyed working with Mindy and Mike Carlin for several years. They are always accessible and responsible whenever I have a question and they are knowledgeable on the issues. As a legislator, their expertise is a valuable resource for me.

The Honorable Mark Herring
Virginia Senate and Democratic candidate for Lt. Governor

My interaction with Access Point Public Affairs has been very positive. In my role as a legislator, I have found Mike and Mindy to be very responsive and competent. It is a pleasure to work with them.  

The Honorable Joe May
Virginia House of Delegates

The principles of Access Point combine detailed knowledge of process with an understanding of big picture dynamics.  As a result, they are able to define actionable public policy objectives and undertake the processes necessary to accomplish those objectives.  It has been my pleasure to work with them in the context of the Loudoun County Chamber of Commerce in the service of the community's long-term prosperity.

Scott M. Hamberger
Co-President and CEO, Fortessa, Inc. • Chairman, Loudoun CEO Cabinet

I have had the pleasure of knowing Mindy for several years. She has been a valuable resource to our chamber's Legislative Committee. She is a true professional who enthusiastically shares her political knowledge and expertise with our members.

Deborah J. Jones
Former President Prince William County-Greater Manassas Chamber of Commerce

It has been my pleasure to work with Mindy and Mike Carlin.  They are very knowledgeable on the issues, when asked, give you 'both sides of the story,' and their ethics are above reproach.  When I have questions or issues, they are very accessible and responsive.  They are an asset to their clients and to me.

The Honorable Thomas Davis Rust
Virginia House of Delegates

If you need advocates who will really understand a complicated issue, Access Point is the place to turn. Mike and Mindy know how to break through the clutter.

The Honorable Mark Sickles
Virginia House of Delegates and Chairman of the House Democratic Caucus

As Chair of the Loudoun County Chamber of Commerce's Public Policy Committee, Mindy Carlin successfully engages the business community on issues of concern in an effort to improve the economic and regulatory environment. I am impressed with her insight, experience and depth of knowledge on a variety of issues of interest to Loudoun's businesses.  

Christine Corrado Windle
Director, Government Affairs and Communications • Dulles Area Association of REALTORS

Access Point has been tremendous!  Mike and Mindy are well respected throughout Virginia and, based on that respect, their relationships and knowledge of the 'lay of the land,' we have been able to begin to build our company's standing and position within the Commonwealth.  We were proud to work with Access Point to assist with growing our business and have appreciated Mike's and Mindy's efforts in accomplishing our goals.

Gregg Chiasson
Former Vice President of Client Services • American Medical Response

I have worked with Access Point several times and I found their reactions to my needs to be on target and on time.  They suggested approaches for public relations activities that fit my budget and exceeded my expectations every time.

Jim Larsen
Executive Director and CEO • Dulles Area Transportation Association

I have worked with Access Point on several large, complicated projects and value their professionalism and expertise.  I've also worked opposite Mike and Mindy on several occasions and respect their skills as adversaries.  Perhaps their strongest asset, though, is the ability to effectively compliment the in-house talent of even the most sophisticated corporations."  

Mark Looney
Partner, Cooley LLP

I have known Mindy for a number of years. Her commitment to the community is unsurpassable and her knowledge of local and statewide concerns is second to none. She is definitely someone you want leading your team.

Elyse Galik
PresidentCommunicate by Design, Inc

Mindy, Mike and Access Point Public Affairs know the public officials who make decisions on public policy.  They understand the legislative process, and they know how to influence it.  They are highly regarded in the legislative halls.

The Honorable Ken Plum
Virginia House of Delegates

If you have public affairs goals in Virginia, Access Point Public Affairs is the firm to help you achieve them.  Access Point's partners provide an exclusive focus on Virginia, where they have more than 40 years of combined experience working to advance and protect the interests of their clients at the state, local and community levels