2012 November

Don’t Believe It When You Hear, “You Can’t”

How many times in your life has someone told you, “You can’t …?”  You can fill in the blank, but I am confident you have heard these words.  I know in my life, there have been countless times – you can’t get into XYZ school, you can’t make that team, you can’t finish that by the deadline, you can’t get that job, you can’t get that house, you can’t afford that vacation, you can’t spend a month working from the… Read More »

How Life is Like a Marathon

Many who know me know that I LOVE to run and recently completed my second Marine Corps Marathon, less than one week ago. I take great pride in completing marathons – the hardest of the hard for a runner – 26.2 grueling miles of blood, sweat, tears, and in my case, often injury. People often ask me, “why.” My response is simple and I wonder why they even need to ask – “because it’s really, really hard, and to know… Read More »