2013 June

Rising Above Adversity

Some of you may be aware that on April 15 of this year, I had a fall while exercising that resulted in a concussion – my first (and hopefully last) concussion. As the mother of a teenager who has played high-impact sports basically since he could walk, I’ve been hearing about the dangers of concussions for years, but had no idea how debilitating, how deflating, how difficult to overcome a concussion can really be, not until I actually experienced one… Read More »

A Little Effort Can Yield Big Results

Mike and I had the opportunity to speak at an Executive Breakfast this week hosted by Jeff Tarae of Colliers International (http://www.colliers.com/en-us). The topic was: “How can business executives engage their local, elected officials to advance, as well as protect their business interests, maximizing their opportunity for success? The answer isn’t nearly as difficult, time-consuming or expensive as you may think.” And it’s actually true – with a little effort, any business or organization can yield big results if they… Read More »