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The Virginia Legislative Session

It’s that time of the year – the Virginia state legislature is in session. Given this consumes a large part of our time and effort each year, I thought it may be interesting to explain a little about how the process works and what’s unique about Virginia’s system. First of all, Virginia has a citizen legislature, which means that the legislature is only in session for a few months of the year, enabling the members to have “real jobs,” if… Read More »

What We Do

When asked the question everyone asks when they meet you, “What do you do?” particularly in a professional setting, I’ve found it’s not an easy question to answer. Ironic for a communications professional, right?!? The problem is less about how to describe it, but more about the perceptions people immediately have. If I say, “I’m a  lobbyist,” (which, by the way, only covers a portion of what we do), the automatic assumption is that we work on Capitol Hill and… Read More »