Virginia Student Privacy Legislation Passes

I am very proud Access Point represents two businesses that provide services within the public education environment in Virginia, Microsoft and Lifetouch, that were a part of a coalition of companies that came together last summer to develop a Student Privacy Pledge ( Taking that pledge one step further, both companies actively supported development and passage of legislation that puts the components of that pledge into state statute. Last week, Virginia because the first state in the country to pass… Read More »

A Little Effort Can Yield Big Results

Mike and I had the opportunity to speak at an Executive Breakfast this week hosted by Jeff Tarae of Colliers International ( The topic was: “How can business executives engage their local, elected officials to advance, as well as protect their business interests, maximizing their opportunity for success? The answer isn’t nearly as difficult, time-consuming or expensive as you may think.” And it’s actually true – with a little effort, any business or organization can yield big results if they… Read More »