State policy issues

Virginia Student Privacy Legislation Passes

I am very proud Access Point represents two businesses that provide services within the public education environment in Virginia, Microsoft and Lifetouch, that were a part of a coalition of companies that came together last summer to develop a Student Privacy Pledge ( Taking that pledge one step further, both companies actively supported development and passage of legislation that puts the components of that pledge into state statute. Last week, Virginia because the first state in the country to pass… Read More »

Virginia General Assembly Terminology 101

For those who don’t operate in the Virginia General Assembly world on a regular basis would probably have trouble understanding some of the standard lingo often used in the hall of the world’s longest consecutively serving legislative body. So here are some definitions for your information (and entertainment):  “GAB:” General Assembly Building. “Morning Hour:” The start of the legislative session each day when legislators have an opportunity to introduce visitors, make statements on topics of interest and otherwise speak about… Read More »