Strategic Services

Access Point Public Affairs provides a range of specialized strategic services that help businesses and organizations maximize opportunities and minimize challenges in the external environment to directly support their goals and objectives in Virginia.

Our strategic services include:

Government Relations
Access Point has a proven track record of achieving successful public policy outcomes through advocacy, relationship development and political contributions management at the state and local levels of government in Virginia.

Procurement Positioning 
Access Point is uniquely qualified to help position your company to maximize opportunities for doing business in Virginia.

Targeted Community Affairs
Access Point is experienced at developing strategies to help businesses target their community involvement in order to strengthen their credibility, brand, impact and influence with key external audiences.

Strategic Relationship Development
Access Point leverages the strong relationships of its owners to provide clients with valuable exposure to new business opportunities through introductions to potential customers, clients, vendors, strategic partners and government officials.

Communications and Media Relations
Access Point can help increase your visibility and effectiveness through strategic communications support, including message development, writing, social media, traditional media outreach and marketing strategy development.

Access Point Public Affairs can give you the competitive edge to achieve your goals in Virginia.