Targeted Community Affairs

Access Point Public Affairs is experienced at developing strategies to help you target your community involvement in order to strengthen your credibility, brand, impact and influence with key external audiences.

Access Point believes effectively building credibility for your business in the community can give you a critical competitive advantage. Businesses are often bombarded with requests for community support. The challenge is in determining which opportunities best meet your unique needs and most effectively contribute to your ability to achieve your goals and objectives.

Targeted community relations can be extremely effective in supporting a wide variety of corporate goals and objectives.  For example, targeted community relations can help a company foster a high performance business culture by providing volunteer and teamwork opportunities for employees. Community involvement may provide opportunities to improve relationships with key elected officials who are influential on issues that matter to your business.  A company priority may be communicated by focusing community involvement on a specific issue (i.e., education or environment). High-profile community leadership opportunities for corporate executives can provide valuable exposure. Even taking advantage of targeted sponsorship opportunities that provide advertising and high-level exposure before key external audiences you want to reach can be an extremely valuable use of resources, without a heavy time commitment.

Access Point Public Affairs can help identify opportunities that maximize your resources and support specific corporate priorities, as well as evaluate the impact of your current community relations activity through a Strategic Community Impact Analysis.

After evaluating existing community involvement and understanding a company's specific goals and objectives, Access Point is adept at developing a highly focused community affairs strategy to maximize financial and volunteer resources. We are knowledgeable and aware of the wide range of community opportunities that are available throughout the region and the Commonwealth. After developing a community affairs strategy, we can assist in its implementation, which may include making key community introductions, negotiating community support partnerships and agreements, training staff, or managing a volunteer program.

Implementing a targeted community relations strategy can enable your business to strengthen its credibility, brand, impact and influence with important external audiences.