Virginia General Assembly Terminology 101

For those who don’t operate in the Virginia General Assembly world on a regular basis would probably have trouble understanding some of the standard lingo often used in the hall of the world’s longest consecutively serving legislative body. So here are some definitions for your information (and entertainment): 

“GAB:” General Assembly Building.

“Morning Hour:” The start of the legislative session each day when legislators have an opportunity to introduce visitors, make statements on topics of interest and otherwise speak about just about anything.

“Point of Personal Privilege:” A legislator gets to talk about whatever he or she wants to talk about; takes place during the morning hour, which coincidentally is rarely in the morning since session generally begins at noon.

“Pop-up Award:” Award given by the “Sensitivity Caucus” for being the person who “pops up” and speaks most often on the floor during session.

“Move the Pending Question:” Motion to stop questions and answers, and other debate/discussion on a bill or resolution requiring that a vote take place, assuming the motion passes, which is always does.

“Pressing Personal Business:” Excuse for missing a day of session; often said incorrectly.

“PBIed” or “Passed By Indefinitely:” Your bill was just killed.

“Gently laid on the table:” A nicer way of saying your bill was just killed.

“Fever:” Something bills and resolutions get when things begin to go downhill.

“Sensitivity Caucus:” Give superlative-style awards each session.

“Parliamentary Inquiry:” Asked when a question arises regarding the process of a bill or resolution’s consideration.

“Crossover:” Day by when all legislation must be considered in the body in which it was introduced (with the exception of revenue bills; often referred to as the mid-point of the legislative session.

“Revenue Bill:” The budget and any other bill that has a fiscal impact.

“Sine Die:” The day the General Assembly adjourns!!!!

“Veto Session:” Actually called the reconvened session; when the legislators return after adjourning “Sine Die,” to consider any Governor’s amendments and vetoes.

I know there are more – what am I missing General Assembly friends???


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