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Access Point Public Affairs

If you have public affairs goals in Virginia, Access Point is the firm to help you achieve them.  Owners Mindy and Mike Carlin formed Access Point in 2003 after years of experience working in public affairs and public relations for regional, national, and global associations and companies. Access Point is focused exclusively on Virginia to advance and protect the interests of clients at the state, local and community levels.  The Access Point team puts their many years of experience, strong relationships, and understanding of the culture of decision making processes to work to help clients succeed.  Access Point provides strategic advice and support to associations, non-profits, small businesses, and Fortune 500 companies across a range of industries including communications, energy, healthcare, human services, land use, manufacturing, retail, technology and transportation.


Strategic Services


Access Point Public Affairs has been delivering solutions-focused, client-centered public affairs support for more than 20 years. The team at Access Point has extensive experience developing and implementing comprehensive public affairs strategies that incorporate communications, advocacy, community engagement and government relations.


Access Point brings the professional resources to drive your communications success through strategic communications support that helps shape how your target audiences view you and your goals. A comprehensive and effective communications plan allows you to be heard and understood which is essential to achieving your goals.


Access Point has the experience and community connections to help create and implement effective community relations programs. Engaging the communities you serve as a positive force on issues that align with your business or areas of expertise can result in improved communities, energized employees, and valuable corporate credibility.


Access Point’s partners are skilled at providing full-service association management, including support with administrative, leadership, communications, advocacy, conferences and events, committees/work groups and financial functions. In using Access Point for your association management needs, you are able to access a range of support without the need to hire full-time staff.


Access Point is uniquely qualified to help position your organization to maximize opportunities to grow your business in Virginia. Access Point helps identify opportunities, does the research to gather intelligence about important areas of emphasis and key priorities within a procurement, and advises on how to put your best foot forward to be a strong contender.

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